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  • SULLIVAN CONSTRUCTION & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC. is an Unlimited Licensed Design & Build company with over 30 years of experience in all phases of design and construction of custom residential and commercial construction.
  • We specialize in the Design / Build method of construction management.  This concept has proven time and again to be the most thorough and economical way to design and build a project.  Our design team will assist you in evaluating your project needs and custom designing a building that most economically meets your space and budget criteria.
  • Our construction team will assure a timely and quality completion of your project.  This concept of placing all of the responsibility of design and construction under a single project manager, enables you the owner more input and control over the project by providing a single line of communication from the owner to the project.

  • Our clients rate us Five-Sart Performer in 1) Product Quality/Workmanship, 2) Project Timeline Completion, 3) Single Point Contact from Conception to Completion, 4) Client Satisfaction, and 5) Most User-Friendly Building Process. In fact, we have a key to every home we have built over the past three decades.

Contact us @ 828-371-1722 or Email us @ scpmihighlands@gmail.com