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Why Sullivan? Our Four way Test
1. Client Satisfaction - At Sullivan: A completely satisfied client is the lifeblood of our family owned business. A completely satisfied client is the diamond of our business. Our strategy is simple...we guarantee satisfaction. Just ask one of our clients. We have a key to every home we have built over the the past three decades!
2. Product Performance - At Sullivan: Our custom homes excel in two vital areas: (1) meeting the custom and special needs of our client’s ever-changing lifestyle and (2) delivering strong financial returns on the investment asset we build for our clients upon property transfer.
3. Timeliness - At Sullivan: Timeliness is next to Godliness. We deliver our custom projects on time, every time - just ask any of our clients! Our start to finish construction schedule has been second to none for over three decades.
4. Client User Friendly - At Sullivan: We assign a single project manager to oversee your project from conception to completion.  This single point of contact ensures all communications and client decisions are seamlessly integrated into the project schedule.

Contact us @ 828-371-1722 or Email us @ scpmihighlands@gmail.com